Posting Policy

What is Appropriate to Post?

The types of messages that are acceptable to post on the NeuroNetwork include general questions, job descriptions, AANN sponsored activities, sharing of resources, and requests for information assistance, best practices, and policies.

What Should I Not Post?

The NeuroNetwork should not be used for job searches or to post open positions, newsletter distribution, surveys, press releases, non-AANN product promotions, or meeting announcements. If you are interested in posting a position opening, please consider the Career Center or contact the AANN office at or 888.557.2266. If you are interested in posting a meeting announcement, please consider an AANN calendar posting. If you have a survey that you would like to send to the membership, please contact Meredith Nichols at to submit it to the Clinical Science Committee for review.

Helpful Hint:

You can change the email to where the NeuroNetwork notification messages are sent under Profile > My Account > Community Notifications.

Usage Guidelines

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when using the NeuroNetwork:

  • Be courteous and respectful of others.
  • Submissions should be crafted with appropriate language. Be informative, polite, and professional.
  • The NeuroNetwork should not be used for commercial purposes or to advance the business or financial interests of any person or entity not affiliated with AANN. Communications that advertise events, products, or services or that directly solicit members to purchase products or services are prohibited.
  • AANN accepts no responsibility for the content of the postings in the NeuroNetwork communities. The content of all postings is solely the responsibility of the authors.
  • Practice caution when replying to the discussion. There is an option to respond to the entire thread or directly to the author. If you would like to send a response to the author, you will need to select that you would like to reply to sender.
  • Please participate! Your ideas are important. Just because you think everyone knows something doesn't mean they do.
  • Please contact AANN at info@aann.orgwith any questions or to change which communities to which you belong.

We hope you enjoy this networking opportunity and find it a worthwhile benefit of membership in AANN.

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