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    EVD transducer

    Hello, We have the Integra drain and the Edwards extra long transducer. We switched to this transducer after the smaller version was cracking the EVD when tightening. Unfortunately, the long transducers are falling off. Does anyone else use this combination ...

  • Claranne: The TJC book has a measure called Discharged on Antithrombotic Therapy and that would only apply if the pt is discharged from your facility so I do not think you have to transfer all your patients out. D

  • Hi does anyone have a gap analysis document for acute stroke ready certification?? We are looking at this for a new campus. Does anyone know if all patients have to be transferred out if your are ASRH? Thanks, Claranne Mathiesen Sent from ...

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  • Have you heard about the Well-Being Initiative?

    Every day, across the nation, millions of nurses are experiencing extraordinary stress and other impacts to their mental health and well-being as the coronavirus pandemic progresses. The American Nurses Foundation’s new Well-Being Initiative offers free ... More

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