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  • Also interested in this model too Get Outlook for iOS Please note that if you have received this message in error, you are hereby notified that any dissemination of this communication is strictly prohibited. Please notify me immediately ...

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    RE: EVD Placement

    We have the same process as Michelle, all EVDs are placed in the ICU unless the patient is in the ED. E. Green This message was sent from a mobile device, so please excuse any typos. Unless it was pure genius then it was all me! ------Original ...

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    RE: EVD Placement

    99% of ours are placed in the neuro ICU with the other 1% being placed in the ED. If an EVD is placed outside the Neuro ICU, the charge nurse goes to assist. This happens even in our medical ICUs. Our “non-neuro” units have a very healthy fear of EVDs ...

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    AANN is introducting a new feature on the NeuroNetwork - forums. Forums are similar to the Special Focus Groups, providing a space for discussion and collaboration on the NeuroNetwork. The forums available to join are: Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Critical ... More

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