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  • ​Has anyone created a "generic" stroke education for physicians?  We are a teaching facility where Neurology is a consult only service.  Some of our metrics are falling out because of unusual presentations and not getting neuro involved until the MRI ...

  • Hello, do you activate a stroke alert in the ED for sudden onset dizziness alone or do you require another "D" such as diplopia, dysphagia, dystaxia, dysarthria? Thank you! Lin Linda J Andreoli MSN, SCRN, ASC-BC Stroke Program Manager ...

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    Happy, Happy Friday! Curious if anyone is using Q-Centrix for stroke registry abstraction. If so, I have a quick question about their billing I'd like to ask. Thanks! Holley Adams, BSN, RN Stroke Coordinator NGMC Gainesville ...

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  • Introducing AANN Forums

    AANN is introducting a new feature on the NeuroNetwork - forums. Forums are similar to the Special Focus Groups, providing a space for discussion and collaboration on the NeuroNetwork. The forums available to join are: Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Critical ... More

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