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    Hi Might be driven by cns model in the institution. i would call my schedule a hybrid model . My position was unit based which is the CNS model at MGH . This meant I flexed my schedule based on the needs of the units. This flexibility allowed me to work ...

  • Hi there! I'm so happy you asked this question, and I have a really long response, with some more questions for the group as well because I'm interested in this topic. I'm a neurocritical clinical specialist in the Pacific N.W, have a major passion for ...

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    Hi, We have one that works 4 10-hour days but the rest of us work 5 days a week.  Sarah Menter RN, MS, AGCNS-BC, SCRN Clinical Nurse Specialist  Crouse Hospital  Syracuse, NY

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  • Have you heard about the Well-Being Initiative?

    Every day, across the nation, millions of nurses are experiencing extraordinary stress and other impacts to their mental health and well-being as the coronavirus pandemic progresses. The American Nurses Foundation’s new Well-Being Initiative offers free ... More

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