Volunteer Opportunities

One of the major reasons the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) continues to grow and thrive is the many hours of work contributed by our dedicated volunteers.

We value the time and efforts of our volunteer members and invite you to join their growing ranks. Volunteering provides you with opportunities to network with other neuroscience nurses and to become a leader in the field. The time commitment required varies widely for each committee and there is something for everyone.

Are you looking for opportunities to grow your professional network and contribute to neuroscience nursing? Take a look at the current opportunities listed below. You must be logged in to apply or sign up.
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Apr 15, 2021 (signup deadline)
Apr 30, 2021 Larger Project (up to 100 hours total)
Mar 31, 2021 (signup deadline)
May 01, 2021 Full Day
May 31, 2021 (signup deadline)
Jun 01, 2021 Full Day
Apr 30, 2021 (signup deadline)
Jun 30, 2021 Small Project (up to 40 hours total)